Faster SoC Design for High-Performance DSP and ML

Arm Corstone-310 includes an example subsystem based on the Cortex-M85 CPU and Ethos-U55 NPU, alongside a range of other components in a scalable and flexible reference package. This enables designers to build secure, AI-capable SoCs faster. Cortex-M85 is Arm’s highest performance Cortex-M processor, making Corstone-310 the perfect starting point for high-performance SoCs targeting a range of IoT applications.

Features and Benefits

High Performance for Scalar, DSP, and ML

Corstone-310 is built on the Cortex-M85 processor, which offers a new milestone in microcontroller (MCU) performance for scalar, DSP, and ML workloads.

Accelerate Secure IoT SoC Design

The Cortex-M85 based subsystem includes built-in TrustZone for Armv8-M technology for faster secure SoC development.

Simplify the IoT Product Design Cycle

Corstone-310 is available as an Arm IoT Reference Design Platform configuration, providing a unique approach to IoT hardware and software design.

Components of Corstone-310

Corstone-310 includes the SSE-310 subsystem based on Cortex-M85, a range of complementary system IP and other deliverables to accelerate the design of a high-performance, secure IoT system. Explore the components of Corstone-310 below.

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Cortex-M85 provides increased security and high performance on a single Cortex-M without the need to migrate to multicore or heterogeneous platforms.


Ethos-U55 microNPU

Ethos-U55 is designed to accelerate ML inference in area-constrained embedded and IoT devices and is available as an option with the Corstone-310 reference package.

Arm Helium Technology

Helium is the M-Profile Vector Extension (MVE) for the Armv8.1-M architecture and delivers a significant performance uplift for ML and DSP applications.

Software and Tools

Arm and partners offer software and tools that run on Corstone designs to help simplify and accelerate SoC development.

Getting Started

Explore resources and documentation to help you start developing with Corstone-310.

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