Embedded ML Inference for Cortex-M Systems

A new class of machine learning (ML) processor, called a microNPU, specifically designed to accelerate ML inference in area-constrained embedded and IoT devices. The Ethos-U55 combined with the AI-capable Cortex-M55 processor provides a 480x uplift in ML performance over existing Cortex-M based systems.

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Features and Benefits
Partner Configurable

Multiple configurations allow designers to rapidly target a wide variety of AI applications with up to 480x increase in performance.

Extremely Small Area

 Ethos-U55 delivers up to 90% energy reduction in about 0.1mm2 for AI applications in cost-sensitive and energy-constrained devices.

Single Toolchain

A unified toolchain for Ethos-U55 and Cortex-M simplifies developer use and creation of AI applications. 

Future Proof

Provides native support for the most common ML network operations, including CNN and RNN, while allowing for future ML innovations. 

Unlock the Benefits of AI with this Best-in-Class Solution

The combination of world-class hardware IP, easy-to-use tools, open-source software, and a leading ecosystem means the Ethos-U55 microNPU is transforming the future of small embedded and IoT devices. The Ethos-U55 microNPU is a component of a wider solution that includes the following key components to enable the next generation of AI devices: 

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