Premium Visual Experiences for Mainstream Mobile

Designed to bring premium visual experiences to the ever-growing mainstream mobile market, Mali-G52 provides heightened machine learning capability for those smart applications that are fast becoming essential. Mali-G52 is the second Bifrost-based mainstream graphics processing unit from Arm.

Features and Benefits

Bringing Premium Content to the Mainstream

Featuring wider execution engines with double the processing lanes, Mali-G52 can efficiently handle far greater graphical complexity and machine learning in a modest silicon budget.

Energy Efficient

Greater energy efficiency reduces the power consumption and thermal output of a device, so Mali-G52 can support greater game time for even battery-draining technologies like augmented reality.

Mali-G52 Block Diagram


The Arm Mali-G52 GPU is the second mainstream GPU based on the Bifrost architecture and provides heightened machine learning capability.

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Key Documentation
Compare the core configuration specifications for Mali GPUs:
Download Comparison PDF
Arm Streamline performance counters for the Mali-G52 GPU
Arm Mali GPU best practice guide
Use Case

Machine Learning in the Mainstream

Even on mainstream phones, users expect the camera to be able to automatically detect faces, or to search the camera gallery for specific pictures. In mainstream and cost-sensitive devices, where it’s not viable to dedicate silicon to a dedicated ML processor, the GPU or CPU is often the right choice. Mali-G52 brings the higher performance needed for machine learning within a small silicon budget.

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