Third-Generation Valhall-based Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) for the Mainstream Market

Premium Performance in Mainstream Devices

Building on the highly successful Mali-G57, Mali-G510 brings even more premium features to mainstream devices and offers the highest level of product configurability and granularity of any Mali GPU. Mali G510 inherits features from premium GPUs, such as command stream frontend and asynchronous top level, a completely redesigned execution and texturing unit. It also adds formats for better HDR support AFBC uncompressed buffers, and Arm Fixed Rate Compression (AFRC).

Features and Benefits

Top Performance for 8K High Res

In the smart TV market, 8K is now the expectation for next-generation screens. Mali-G510 provides the ability to handle high resolution and high frame rates for an advanced user experience.

Highly Scalable GPU

Offering 10 different configurations the Mali-G510 is one of the most scalable Mali GPUs and can target several area and performance points, along with meeting compute and texturing needs.

Improving Device Battery Life

Users demand all day battery life even from non-premium devices. Mali-G510 brings Arm’s industry-leading energy efficiency to mainstream devices, such as smartphones and AR/VR headsets.

Use Cases

Where Innovation and Ideas Come to Life

As one of the most prolific pieces of technology, smartphones are the world's dynamic personal computers, connecting more than 4 billion people. Arm develops the GPU technology that powers everything you see on a smartphone.

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Mainstream devices continue to deliver increasing levels of performance and improved graphics. Learn how Mali-G510 can help you get to market with the latest range of applications.

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