First Generation Armv9 High-Efficiency “LITTLE” Cortex CPU based on Arm DynamIQ Technology

Scalability to serve multiple consumer devices

Cortex-A510 is a high efficiency Armv9 CPU that is a ground up microarchitecture design with considerable performance improvements compared to Cortex-A55. Cortex-A510 can be paired with the Cortex-X2 and Cortex-A710 in a big.LITTLE configuration, with a dynamic shared unit (DSU-110) as part of a Total Compute solution.

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Features and Benefits

Significant Performance Uplift

Cortex-A510 provides up to 35% performance uplift on previous generation high efficiency CPUs.

Innovative Micro- architecture Upgrades

Using merged-core microarchitecture, two CPU cores can be combined into a complex for dynamic performance at increased efficiency.

Armv9 Features for Mobile Computing

Uses Armv9 architecture for mobile computing and introduces key features for performance, power efficiency, and security: Scalable Vector Extension version two (SVE2) and Memory Tagging Extension (MTE).

Product Specifications and Key Documentation

 Architecture  Armv9-A (Harvard)  
  • Up to Armv8.5 extensions
  • SVE2 extensions
  • Memory Tagging Extension
  • Cryptography extensions
  • RAS extensions
 ISA support
  • A64
 Microarchitecture  Pipeline  In-order
   Superscalar  Yes
   Neon / Floating Point Unit  Included
   Cryptography unit  Optional
   Max number of CPUs in cluster  Eight (8)
   Physical addressing (PA)
   Core architecture
 Merged-core, up to 2 cores per complex
 Memory system and external interfaces  L1 I-Cache / D-Cache  32KB or 64KB
   L2 Cache  Optional, 128KB, 192KB, 256KB, 384KB, 512KB
   L3 Cache  Optional, 256KB to 16MB
   ECC support  Yes
   Bus interfaces  AMBA AXI5 or CHI.E
   ACP  Optional
   Peripheral port  Optional
 Other  Security  TrustZone, Secure EL2
   Interrupts  GIC interface, GICv4.1
   Generic timer  Armv9.0-A
   PMU  PMUv3
   Debug  Armv9.0-A
   CoreSight  CoreSightv3
   Embedded Trace Extension  ETEv1.0
   Trace Buffer Extension  Yes

Use Cases

Where Innovation and Ideas Come to Life

As one of the most prolific pieces of technology, smartphones are the world's dynamic personal computers, connecting more than 4 billion people in immersive experiences. Arm develops the CPU technology that powers everything on a smartphone.

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