Second-Generation Armv9 “big” Cortex CPU For Best-In-Class Efficient Performance

Cortex-A715 offers the perfect balance of performance and efficiency through targeted improvements to the microarchitecture. As the workhorse of the CPU cluster, Cortex-A715 can be paired with Cortex-X3 and Cortex-A510 CPU cores in big.LITTLE configurations as part of Arm’s Total Compute Solutions, and delivers the same performance as Cortex-X1 (the first-generation Cortex-X class of CPU).

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Features and Benefits 

20% Uplift in Power Efficiency 

Targeted optimizations in the microarchitecture offer 20% power efficiency improvements compared to Cortex-A710.

Same Performance as Arm Cortex-X1 CPU

Consistent gains mean Cortex-A715 matches the performance of Cortex-X1, the first-generation Cortex-X CPU.

The big.LITTLE Workhorse

Cortex-A715 is the workhorse across big.LITTLE CPU configurations, which is now the most commonly used heterogeneous processing architecture for many device segments, including smartphones and laptops.


Cortex-A715 is designed to push efficient performance across all big.LITTLE CPU configurations through a series of performance and efficiency improvements. Micro-architecture improvements have been targeted at areas where efficient performance takes place, including branch prediction accuracy and data prefetching.

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Use Cases

Where Innovation and Ideas Come to Life

As one of the most prolific pieces of technology, smartphones are the world's dynamic personal computers, connecting more than 4 billion people in immersive experiences. Arm develops the CPU technology that powers everything on a smartphone.

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