Fourth-Generation Valhall-based Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) in Mali-G600 Series for Premium Markets

Reach A Wider Audience Quicker

Mali-G615 supports premium mobile use cases and capabilities while enabling cost-sensitive design and improved time-to-market. It adopts premium graphics features for increased performance, power, and energy savings.

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Features and Benefits

Performance and Energy Boost

Mali-G615 Inherits features from Mali-G715, such as variable rate shading and an improved execution engine, to provide improved performance and energy savings for better AAA gaming experiences.

Industry-Leading Energy Efficiency

Mali-G615 Delivers high-quality battery life for longer user experiences ‘on-the-go’, bringing high GPU energy efficiency and extending battery life on mobile.

Re-Use Design Work for Diverse Premium Markets

Design work for the premium Mali-G715 can be re-used via Mali-G615 to address a wider audience of developers and end-users faster.


Mali-G615 adopts new premium graphics features and upgrades, like variable rate shading, for complex AAA gaming on mobile. Performance, power and area (PPA) improvements across the GPU through the execution engine, command stream frontend and texture mapper deliver high performance and energy efficiency. This is supported by a wide range of comprehensive developer resources and tools to optimize performance and efficiency across all mobile gaming applications.

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Use Cases

Where Innovation and Ideas Come to Life

Arm is a leading contributor to the mobile gaming industry and developed the technology for mobile devices to run high-quality AAA games. These games are dependent on powerful graphics processors that deliver beautiful, sustained gaming experiences.

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Sub-premium smartphones continue to deliver increasing levels of performance and improved graphics. Learn how Mali-G615 can help meet demand for the latest range of applications.

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