The Next Generation of Visual Computing from Mali  

The Mali-G720 is designed on the Arm 5th Gen architecture to deliver improved performance while reducing memory bandwidth usage, power consumption, and CPU load. Even more powerful than its predecessor, the Mali-G715 GPU, takes full advantage of advanced GPU technologies that can power immersive games and intelligent AI applications across a broad range of devices.

Features and Benefits

New 5th Gen GPU Architecture

Providing a foundation for the next several generations of visual computing on Arm GPUs, the 5th Gen architecture was created to address multiple graphical use cases.

Evolving Geometry Flow

New geometry flow, known as deferred vertex shading is brought to Arm GPUs, for better visuals within the same power budget, bringing more immersive mobile experiences, delivered for longer.

Leading Performance and Efficiency

The highest performing GPU from Arm for both sustained and peak performance, with an average increase of 15% compared to the Mali-G715 GPU, along with reduced GPU power consumption and CPU load. 



Mali-G720 is designed to address the premium mobile market with a range of new graphics features and upgrades, including deferred vertex shading (DVS), for better efficiency and visuals for the next generation of AAA games.

This is supported by a diverse set of extensive developer resources and tools to optimize performance and efficiency across all mobile gaming applications.

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Arm provides a total gaming experience on Mali GPUs, for more immersive games and real-time 3D apps that run for longer. Arm is a leading contributor to the mobile gaming industry and developed the technology for mobile devices to run high-quality AAA games. These games are dependent on powerful graphics processors that deliver beautiful, sustained gaming experiences.

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Premium smartphones continue to deliver increasing levels of performance and improved graphics. Learn how Mali-G720 can help meet demand for the latest range of applications.

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Mali-G720 can be utilized as part of Arm’s new third-generation Total Compute Solutions (TCS23), which includes Arm’s leading CPU, System IP, Physical IP, software, tools, and standards to redefine mobile visual experiences.



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System IP

Arm System IP enables system designers to configure and build high-performance, power-efficient SoCs, while further differentiating with Arm processors and their own IP elements. System IP is integrated via industry-standard AMBA interfaces.


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