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The first ISP combining functional safety with configurability and designed for imaging applications in a software-defined vehicle. A dual pipeline architecture reduces latency for the most demanding computer vision applications without compromising outstanding image quality for human viewing/displays. Accompanied by a suite of tools, including a novel differentiable ISP model, Mali-C720AE enables a cost-efficient hardware/software co-development, image quality tuning and accelerated time to market. This is our most performant, most flexible, and most efficient automotive ISP ever.

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Features and Benefits

Flexible Configurable Architecture

Three base configurations and use of optional modules support the balance between PPA and image quality required for specific applications, without compromising functional safety.

Dual Computer & Human Vision Pipeline

To reduce latency, two base configurations of Mali-C720AE provide parallel processing pipelines that can be tuned for different image quality requirements of computer vision and display applications. In addition, four parallel outputs can be used, providing options for downscaling, cropping, foveated vision, and Gaussian pyramid output. 

 Differentiable ISP

Differentiable ISP model (available with a standalone license) enables fast and cost-efficient image quality tuning to maximize the overall performance of computer vision applications.

Arm Mali-C720AE Specification


Arm Mali-C720AE features the latest technologies for automotive image processing, including:

  • Multi-camera support (up to 16 sensors)
  • Native HDR support with a 24-bit processing pipeline and industry-leading Iridix™ local tone mapping engine
  • RGGB/RCCB/RCCG/RYYCy/RGBIr 4x4 CFA support
  • Pixel throughput up to 1.5 Gpixels/s
  • Image sensor resolution up to 8192x4608
  • Multiple parallel outputs options: downscalers, ROI crops, pyramid outputs, foveated vision
  • Functional safety features meeting ASIL B diagnostic requirements and ASIL D systematic failure avoidance
  • Differentiable ISP model (available as a standalone product)

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Key Documentation

Compare the core configuration specifications for Mali-C720AE: download comparison PDF

Use Cases

Where Innovation and Ideas Come to Life

The OEM's goal of enhancing car safety, coupled with the new EuroNCAP standards, has made driver monitoring systems (DMS) a mandatory element in vehicles. Introducing support for RGBIr 4x4 image sensors in Mali-C720AE, Arm delivers a solution for in-cabin camera applications with varying functional safety requirements.

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