The Right Foundation for the Changing In-Vehicle Experience

The interior of the car has transformed in recent years, with screens powering not just the entertainment services, but the function of the vehicle too. Screens are exponentially larger in size and more complex in nature, with AI-powered voice recognition set to remove the need for touch screens.

Arm is the right architecture choice for the IVI environment, with high-performance, efficient, and automotive-grade safety and security solutions, and a strong partner ecosystem developing leading solution stacks for the IVI market. When combined with the SOAFEE open-source architecture, Arm’s cloud-based virtual prototyping means developers can be working on projects across the world in multiple times zones and deploy software to the car with environmental parity.

Start Designing Immediately with Arm-Based Automotive Solution Stacks

Arm-based virtual platforms developed for IVI by our partner ecosystem and SOAFEE, enable accelerated product development and reduced time to market. Designers no longer have to wait for physical hardware—the IVI stack can be used ‘as is’ from IP to Arm-based hardware, or adapted to meet development needs.


Then, Now and the Future of IVI

Click the hotspots to see the evolution of the vehicle cockpit, including how advanced processing capabilities have changed, and the recommended Arm solution for each application.

Case Studies

Driving Reimagined by Arm Partners

Certified, Safety-Critical Graphics with CoreAVI

Assure functionally safe, reliable, high-performance displays for automotive use cases through proven system design and certification techniques.

Heads-Up Displays (HUD) for Cars with Apostera

A mixed-reality HUD providing navigation and infotainment and optimized for high performance on Arm-based automotive SoCs using Streamline Performance Analyzer software.

High-Reliability UI with DiSTI

The DiSTI GL Studio offers automotive software developers a user interface (UI) tool to accelerate the development of graphics for HUDs and IVI solutions.

Automotive Enhanced IP

Automotive Enhanced IP

Arm's Automotive Enhanced (AE) suite of IP has been a cornerstone of automotive development for many years. The portfolio encompasses a full range of AE products covering Arm Neoverse, Arm Cortex-A, Arm Cortex-R and Arm Cortex-M, Arm Mali GPUs, and ISPs, interconnects, tools, and integration software.

These provide the full compute foundational requirements for partners and vehicle manufacturers. This includes high-performance automotive-specific processors, microcontrollers (MCUs), hybrid safety modes, and built-in cyber security.

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Arm Automotive Ecosystem

Together with our world-leading automotive partner ecosystem, we’re providing OEMs and the automotive industry with the processor IP, tools, and software solutions for automated driving, software-defined cars, and unique in-vehicle experiences.

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The Arm Automotive Partner Program

Discover how the Arm Automotive Partner Program is helping the industry redefine the next evolution of automotive innovation through collaboration and solutions that advance next-generation vehicles.

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Arm Flexible Access for Startups

Together with our unique partner ecosystem, Arm provides startups the confidence needed to translate a transformational idea from inspiration into production. See how Arm Flexible Access for Startups provides access to a broad portfolio of extensively verified IP, tools and training, with a $0 license fee to develop your SoC.

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Artificial Intelligence Technologies for Automotive

Artificial intelligence in cars is growing exponentially, due to an ever-increasing number of driver assistance features being developed with advancements in ADAS. These features use computer vision and sensor fusion, as well as in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) functionalities that produce improvements in voice and speech recognition.

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