Highest-Performance Arm Cortex-A CPU for Safety-Critical Systems

Arm Cortex-A720AE is the highest-performance Cortex-A processor designed to meet the complex and demanding safety needs of the next generation of software-defined vehicles (SDVs), enabling new advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) functionality and new in-vehicle infotainment experiences for vehicle users. The highly configurable Cortex-A720AE is the first high performance Armv9-A AE CPU, with safety features targeted at both ISO 26262 ASIL B and ASIL D certifications. In conjunction with Arm Cortex-A520AE and Arm DSU-120AE, it has the scalability to meet all application-class processor needs in the vehicle.

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Features and Benefits 

Highest Sustained Performance

Cortex-A720AE brings a 1.2x performance uplift over Cortex-A78AE, with micro-architectural improvements delivering increased performance at even greater power efficiency. When integrated with the new DSU-120AE, this performance is more scalable than before, with up to 14 CPUs in a single cluster.

Most Complete Functional Safety

With configurable options around split, hybrid, and lock operating modes, memory and interface protection mechanisms, software test libraries (STL), and transient fault protection (TFP), Cortex-A720AE can be optimized for use across quality management (QM) and ISO 26262 ASIL B and ASIL D use cases.

Latest Arm Architecture

Based on the Armv9.2-A architecture, Cortex-A720AE can be paired with the high-efficiency Cortex-A520AE CPU within a single DSU-120AE cluster. New architectural features deliver increases in AI performance, and improvements in security and quality of service, critical to automotive applications.

Cortex-A720AE Specification


Cortex-A720AE is a premium-efficiency Armv9.2-A CPU, providing industry-leading sustained performance in a constrained power envelope with class-leading functional safety features. This AArch64 bit-only CPU comes with DSU-120AE and can be combined with Arm Cortex-A520AE in a heterogeneous CPU cluster for enhanced area and power efficiency.

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Any faults and failures may be life threatening, so automotive systems demand higher levels of functional safety. Cortex-A720AE provides a flexible, scalable heterogeneous compute solution to meet the highest Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL) standards required for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving.

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