Highly Scalable Mesh for Large Core Count Automotive Designs Including Chiplets

The Arm Neoverse CMN S3AE coherent mesh network is designed to enable scalable performance for automotive applications, central compute, and machine learning (ML) workloads. The highly scalable mesh is optimized for Armv9.2, Armv9, Armv8-A processors, multichip configurations, and CXL attached devices. It forms the foundation for both SoCs and chiplets. It can be customized across a wide range of performance points.

Features and Benefits

High-Performance, Scalable Coherent Mesh

The scalable mesh network can be customized to meet system performance and area requirements. The native AMBA 5 CHI network provides high-frequency, non-blocking data transfers between compute, accelerator, and IO to shared memory resources.

Safety Capability

CMN S3AE is designed to enable ASIL B use cases, with a range of safety features including ECC & parity mechanisms and other techniques to achieve diagnostic coverage goals.

AMBA CHI Chip to Chip

CMN S3AE forms the foundation for chiplet-based designs. Enabling the key chiplet capabilities needed for next-generation chiplet applications. CMN S3AE enables chiplet designs with same as ease and performance as monolithic designs.

Use Cases

Where Innovation and Ideas Come to Life

Autonomous Vehicles and ADAS 

Arm Neoverse V3AE can meet the performance requirements of future autonomous vehicles and advanced driver-assistance systems. The dedicated AE features in Neoverse V3AE, coupled with a safety island that can provide a pathway to the safety requirements for many automotive applications.

In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI)

Arm Neoverse V3AE can easily meet the performance requirements of IVI. The dedicated AE features provide a pathway to the safety requirements for automotive applications.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI workloads and use cases, and ML, are expanding and defining more applications than ever. This is especially true for the next generation of software-defined vehicles, which is redefining the driving experience. Arm Neoverse V3AE provides new architectural features to enhance ML/AI capabilities for new vehicle applications.

Explore Products and Technologies

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Neoverse V3AE

First Armv9.2 Neoverse CPU with safety enhancements for automotive markets.  Highest single-thread performance for AI/ML workloads and automotive markets.

Arm Cortex-A720AE


The first Armv9A high-performance Cortex-A CPU based on Arm DynamIQ technology and designed for safety critical applications. Designed for the next generation of software defined vehicles.

Arm Cortex-A520AE


High-efficiency Armv9.2 Cortex-A CPU for safety-critical applications, bringing power efficiency in the smallest silicon footprint. Designed for the next generation of software defined vehicles (SDVs).


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