A CPU Foundation for the Automotive Industry

The Arm Neoverse V3AE CPU is built to deliver maximum performance for automotive applications, central compute and machine learning (ML) workloads. Neoverse V3AE delivers double-digit performance improvements over Neoverse V2. It is the first Neoverse CPU to support the Arm Confidential Computing Architecture. 

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Features and Benefits

The Fastest Neoverse CPU Ever

Neoverse V3AE is Arm’s fastest CPU on key automotive workloads, machine learning, and more.

A Neoverse CPU Built for Automotive

Neoverse V3AE and CMN S3AE will enable products with large and fast memory subsystems, high-speed die-to-die links, and Arm’s fastest Neoverse CPU, making it a perfect platform for autonomous, ADAS, and cockpit applications in the car.

Designed for Future Generations of Automotive Compute

Arm Neoverse V3AE has been designed for extreme performance to meet the needs of complex workloads for autonomous vehicles and advanced driver assistance systems in future generations of software-defined vehicles.

Arm Neoverse V3AE diagram


Arm Neoverse V3AE is the perfect platform for developing complex automated driving and ADAS vehicle systems.

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Use Cases

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Autonomous Vehicles and ADAS 

Arm Neoverse V3AE can meet the performance requirements of future autonomous vehicles and advanced driver-assistance systems. The dedicated AE features in Neoverse V3AE, coupled with a safety island that can provide a pathway to the safety requirements for many automotive applications.

In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI)

Arm Neoverse V3AE can easily meet the performance requirements of IVI. The dedicated AE features provide a pathway to the safety requirements for automotive applications.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI workloads and use cases, and ML, are expanding and defining more applications than ever. This is especially true for the next generation of software-defined vehicles, which is redefining the driving experience. Arm Neoverse V3AE provides new architectural features to enhance ML/AI capabilities for new vehicle applications.

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Arm Automotive RD-1-AE

Arm Automotive RD-1 AE

Arm automotive RD-1 AE is an Arm reference design of the Arm Neoverse V3AE platform, with a Cortex-R82AE based safety island, targeting central compute workloads in automotive, including AV, ADAS, and IVI.

Arm CoreLink CMN S3AE


A coherent mesh network designed for intelligent connected systems and optimized for Armv9.2, Armv9, and Armv8-A processors, multichip configurations, and CXL attached devices. It also forms the foundation for chiplets and Arm Confidential Compute.


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