High-Efficiency Arm Cortex-A CPU for Safety-Critical Applications

Arm Cortex-A520AE is a high-efficiency Armv9.2 CPU designed to support the demanding safety-critical tasks of the next generation of SDVs. The merged-core micro-architecture and DynamIQ technology deliver new levels of scalability to address the needs of zonal, in-vehicle infotainment and advanced driver-assistance (ADAS) systems. It’s compatible with Arm Cortex-A720AE for heterogenous compute, where the perfect balance of efficiency and performance can be achieved.

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Features and Benefits

Flexibility with Split-Lock

Designed to balance performance and safety across quality management (QM), ISO 26262 ASIL B and ASIL D use cases. Boot in lock mode for safety-critical applications, or boost performance in split or hybrid mode, utilizing the configurable safety features, such as transient fault protection (TFP) and software test libraries (STL), for increased fault detection.

Efficiency First Design

Micro-architecture improvements and the merged-core micro-architecture ensure power efficiency in the smallest silicon footprint to support the low power demands of EVs. Cortex-A520AE delivers these efficiencies, while bringing a significant performance uplift over previous generations to suit the emerging workloads of the SDV.

Advanced Features

Based on the Armv9.2-A architecture, it delivers new features designed to increase performance for AI and ML workloads, enhance security for the SDV, and ensure quality of service that is critical to automotive applications. Architecturally compatible, Cortex-A520AE can be paired with the Cortex-A720AE CPU within a single DSU-120AE cluster.

Cortex-A520AE Specification


Arm Cortex-A520AE is a high-efficiency Armv9.2-A CPU, with industry-leading functional safety features for safety-critical applications. This integrates with the new DSU-120AE and is compatible with Arm Cortex-A720AE for building heterogenous compute clusters.

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