Arm’s First High-Performance GPU with Functional Safety

The Mali-G78AE GPU has been designed to address the complex requirements of autonomous use cases, bringing advanced features to fulfill the flexibility, scalability and safety requirements for automotive and industrial markets. Mali-G78AE is developed according to Arm’s rigorous functional safety flows and processes, and is safety capable to ASIL B/SIL 2 diagnostic requirements and ASIL D/SIL 3 for the avoidance of systematic failure.

Features and Benefits

Flexible Partitioning

The Mali-G78AE GPU incorporates a new Flexible Partitioning feature to enable up to four fully independent partitions for workload separation.

Flexible Partitioning allows the allocation of dedicated hardware resources to different workloads, enabling the full separation of safe and non-safe, or time sensitive, workloads.


Mali-G78AE brings hardware support for virtualization, enabling direct access for up to 16 virtual machines (VMs) to share resources in a standard time-slicing approach. To further enhance this, Mali-G78AE features several new interfaces to minimize software complexity in virtualized systems.

Safety Enablement

Mali-G78AE is designed to the ISO 26262 and IEC 61508 standards and is safety capable to ASIL B/SIL 2 diagnostic requirements, offering the heterogenous compute needed in autonomous systems. With help from Arm’s ecosystem partner, CoreAVI, GPU drivers targeting ASIL D will be supported. This software will include additional run time tests to enhance safety capability.

Flexible Partitioning


Designed specifically for targeting both safety and flexibility, a single multi-core GPU can be divided into separate hardware partitions for different workloads. A single SoC can be designed and then configured at boot time into various domains or deployment use cases. Each domain can operate as a separate GPU. With flexible partitioning, these domains can be shown to be separate and isolated from each other.

Use Cases

Where Innovation and Ideas Come to Life

Flexible Partitioning means up to four dedicated hardware partitions can be created for workload separation. This is a key feature for autonomous vehicles, which can potentially enable fixed route shuttles and last mile delivery vehicles or transform road-freight and ride-hailing services.

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