The Journey to Self Driving Cars

The journey to SAE Level 4 and Level 5 autonomous vehicles depends on further enhancing the capabilities of ADAS technology. It will change the way we travel, enable a growing demand for last-mile delivery and fixed-route shuttles, and transform road freight and ride-hailing services. This will not be an overnight transformation – it is an ongoing journey.


Trends and Challenges of Autonomous Compute Workloads

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Autonomous workloads, supported by AI, software-defined functionality and other innovative technologies, are predicted to become the most pervasive across the automotive sector. Download this deep dive for valuable insights into the trends, technologies, and applications for autonomous compute workloads today and for the future.

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The Growth of Software-Defined Functionality

The rise of electrification, vehicle automation, and the digitization of the car have catapulted the possibilities for software-defined vehicles (SDV). Find out more about the new design paradigms driving the SDV concept and the challenges the industry faces to make this a reality.

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Arm for Automotive Startups

Together with our unique partner ecosystem, Arm provides startups and potential investors the confidence needed to translate a transformational SDV idea from inspiration into production. See how Arm supports automotive startups with free access to IP, support, tools, and our software ecosystem.

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Heterogeneous Compute Solutions for Autonomous Systems

Computing is undergoing its most significant paradigm shift in decades as it moves to support autonomous decision making workloads that enhance functional utility and human safety. Only a flexible, scalable heterogeneous compute solution addresses the range of process capabilities for complex and different workloads in a power efficient way.

Find out how Arm is accelerating the journey to autonomous decision making with new technology that offers crucial stepping stones to help build confidence in autonomous vehicles. Our solution comprises CPU, GPU, and ISP technology for safety-critical systems to enhance ADAS capabilities.


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An Ecosystem of Trust

Arm partners offer technologies to service the compute needs of the whole car, including advanced driver assistance and autonomous systems. These partners provide facilitate the efficient development of automotive solutions with silicon and software products.

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