High-Performance Armv8 Cortex-A CPU for Safety-Critical Systems

Cortex-A78AE is a high-performance Armv8A Cortex-A processor designed to meet the complex and demanding safety needs of the software-defined vehicle (SDV). Already silicon proven in the automotive market, it enables advanced ADAS functionality and new in-vehicle infotainment experiences for vehicle users. With ISO 26262 ASIL D Hardware Diagnostic and Systematic certifications, Cortex-A78AE can be used in conjunction with Arm Cortex-A65AE and DSU-AE to meet all application-class processor needs in vehicles.

Features and Benefits

Sustained Performance

The Cortex-A78AE features an advanced energy-efficient micro-architecture designed for performance density to deliver high peak and sustained single-thread performance in thermally constrained fan-less designs.

Scalable, Heterogeneous Compute

Options for multicore, multicluster, accelerator ports and heterogenous compute configurations offer the ability to run different workloads or application footprints so the same SoC compute architecture can be deployed into different domain controllers.

Flexibility with Split-Lock

Switch between split mode for highest cluster-level performance, lock mode for advanced multicore fault-tolerance with ASIL D/SIL 3 hardware metrics, or hybrid mode to deliver higher compute availability to help achieve ASIL B/SIL 2 safety requirements.

Split-Lock Technology


Cortex-A78AE introduces the hybrid mode capability to Arm Split-Lock technology. Hybrid mode enables the cores to run independently or split, with only the Arm DynamIQ Shared Unit (DSU) running in lock mode. This enables our partners to achieve higher coverage and reduce testing downtime when targeting ASIL B/SIL 2 use cases.

Use Cases

Where Innovation and Ideas Come to Life

Automotive systems demand higher levels of functional safety as any faults or failures may be life threatening. Cortex-A78AE provides a flexible, scalable, heterogeneous compute solution to meet the highest Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL) standards required for advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving.

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CMN-600AE is a highly scalable coherent mesh network optimized for Armv8-A processors and designed for high-performance IVI, digital cockpit, and ADAS systems that need to meet ASIL B to ASIL D automotive safety requirements.


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The Arm MMU-600AE handles all aspects of memory management, including memory virtualization and supporting PCIe address translation services. It enables high-performance systems targeting ASIL B to ASIL D safety integrity levels.


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Mali-G78AE is a highly scalable GPU that enables configurable workload separation and virtualization. Mali-G78AE is designed to the IEC 61508 and ISO 26262 safety standards for industrial and automotive application respectively and is ASIL B/SIL 2 safety-capable.

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CoreSight SoC-600

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As an advanced high-performance ISP, Mali-C71AE delivers key visual information to both computer vision (CV) systems and human display for clear and convenient viewing. Mali-C71AE is the first Arm ISP with built-in features for functional safety.

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