A GPU Designed for Wearables

The Arm Mali-470 is the first graphics processing unit designed specifically for power-sensitive devices and expands the smartphone user experience to wearables and IoT. It delivers an enhanced user interface for power-constrained products, including smart watches, home gateways and appliances, industrial control panels, and healthcare monitors.

Features and Benefits

Energy Efficient

Mali-470 delivers superior energy efficiency across one to four core implementations, with up to twice the energy efficiency of previous Mali GPU generations, reducing the cost of implementation and operation.

Maximized Battery Life

Independent CPU and GPU power management help maximize battery life and heat dissipation, creating significant power savings for low-power, cost-sensitive devices.

Designed for IoT and Wearables

Delivering enhanced user experience to wearables and IoT. Optimized for power-sensitive devices.

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The Cortex-A7 processor is the most efficient Armv7-A processor. It pairs well with Mali-470 for power-constrained devices.



The Cortex-A53 processor is a high-efficiency processor that implements the Armv8-A architecture. It is proven technology that can work with Mali-470 in SoCs for devices that need a balance of power and performance.

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