Image Signal Processor Solution for Intelligent Devices

The Mali-C52 delivers class-leading high dynamic range (HDR) image quality and state-of-the-art image signal processing (ISP) in real-time, and can be optimized for performance or area. It is highly tuneable to a wide range of objective and subjective targets, even in low light, and is suitable for applications such as security cameras, smart-home assistants, and drones.

Features and Benefits

Highly Flexible and Configurable

Configurable for two optimizations - image quality or area. This flexibility allows partners to use the same IP and software across a range of products and use cases. 

High Precision and Dynamic Range

Supports four-exposure high dynamic range (HDR) stitching for more dynamic range in challenging outdoor conditions. An internal precision of 20bits and data management ensures high-fidelity processing.

Image Signal Processor Solution

Provides a complete solution with hardware IP, ISP software drivers including auto-exposure, auto-white balance, and auto-focus, as well as calibration and tuning tools. 

Use Cases

Where Innovation and Ideas Come to Life

Designed for security and internet protocol (IP) cameras where there is an ever-growing demand for advances in image quality, resolution, cost reduction and computer vision.

Computer Vision at the Endpoint

To enable computer vision for a wide range of IoT applications, Arm have developed a full set of IP that enables real-time object detection and classification, even in low-light conditions. Learn more about computer vision using the Mali-C52 ISP solution in this video.

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The Difference That Arm ISP High Dynamic Range Makes

This comparison shows the increased performance of the Mali-C52 high dynamic range. The image on the left is a challenging scene for ‘digital eyes’ with very bright and dark scenes. The image on the right uses Arm technology to make the full image more visible.

Mali Camera
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Mali-C52: A Complete ISP Solution

The Mali-C52 is a complete solution that delivers the hardware IP, ISP software drivers, and calibration and tuning tools.

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