Transformative, Secure and Computer Vision Devices

IoT devices enhanced with innovative computer vision technologies are transforming the world around us and delivering new experiences in diverse environments from retail to smart home. These technologies are improving how cities optimize resources, increase mobility, and provide health and safety benefits. They’re also transforming manufacturing through improved production-line monitoring and smart robotics.

Arm is at the forefront of innovation for smart vision devices with specialized and intelligent processing capabilities and standardized, secure software that helps accelerate development for the entire value chain.

Innovation for the Future of Vision Devices

New Arm ISP Advances Vision Systems for IoT and Embedded

The image signal processors (ISPs) that power IoT vision systems are increasingly critical. Find out how Mali-C55, the smallest and most configurable ISP from Arm, pushes the boundaries of image quality in the smallest power and area budgets.

The Future of Smart Cameras is 64-bit Processing

As the demand for AI-enabled vision technology continues to grow, there is a need for higher performance processing with advanced workloads run directly on the CPU. Find out how 64-bit processing will provide the performance, efficiency, and security capabilities to meet these needs.

Faster Deployments with Software-defined Smart Cameras

The functionality of a smart camera is no longer defined by the specific hardware it ships with, it is now defined in software and can be referred to as a software-defined smart camera (SDC). Learn about the key technologies that underpin an SDC and considerations when architecting one.

How Machine Learning is Enabling New Smart Camera Applications

Smart cameras are one of the fastest growing areas of ML. This webinar showcases multiple ML smart camera use cases and provides guidance on how to analyze neural network models and use them to accelerate product design.

Arm Technology Powering Vision Devices

Arm Cortex processors, neural processing units (NPUs), and Mali image signal processors (ISPs) help customers address a wide variety of vision use cases, while maintaining performance and accelerating time-to-market.

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Case Studies

How Arm Partners are delivering innovative vision-based solutions.

Nota’s Automatic AI Model Compression Platform

Nota’s Automatic AI Model Compression Platform, NetsPresso, powered by Arm is bringing AI to the smallest of devices. This video features two incredible case studies on facial recognition and intelligent traffic monitoring created using Nota’s solution.

To learn more, contact Nota in our Arm AI Ecosystem Catalog.

Emotion3D’s In-Cabin Monitoring Software

Emotion3D uses Arm-based CPUs to enable the high-accuracy, high-performance, flexible features necessary to support a range of devices that require real-time analytics. Currently, the company is using Arm processors to create AI-powered software that helps make the driving experience safer.