High-Performance GPU for Complex Graphics

Arm Mali-G76 is a Bifrost-based graphics processing unit (GPU) for the premium market, featuring wider execution engines with double the number of lanes of previous generations. Mali-G76 provides uplifts in both performance and efficiency for complex graphics and machine learning (ML) workloads. The introduction of int8 dot product support also provides a significant boost to ML processing power, providing partners with flexibility and choice for inference on device.

Features and Benefits

High Performance for Mixed Realities

Mali-G76 is designed to deliver the best possible user experience for mobile technologies, from high-fidelity mobile gaming to mixed realities, without blowing the silicon budget.

Improved Power Efficiency

The combination of performance and efficiency ensures satisfying user experiences and better battery life, making sustained mobile gaming and power-hungry augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) more viable for mobile.

Greater Compute Capabilities

Based on advanced iterations of Bifrost architecture, Mali-G76 delivers twice the compute performance in much less than twice the silicon area of its predecessors. This creates performance density gains and contributes to energy efficiency, reducing overall costs.

Use Cases

Where Innovation and Ideas Come to Life

As VR moves to mobile devices, engineers are challenged to provide the required compute power within a fixed 2-3-watt thermal budget.

The innovations in Bifrost and the scalability of Mali-G76 have been developed to address these key requirements and challenges to power the next generation of mobile VR devices. With 30 percent more performance and 30 percent higher energy efficiency compared to Mali-G72, Mali-G76 can support complex uses for longer periods.

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