Versatile Image Signal Processor for Computer Vision and Smart Display Systems

The Arm Mali-C55 image signal processor (ISP) provides the best combination of high-resolution image processing, energy efficiency, and unparalleled image quality for a wide range of IoT, embedded and machine learning (ML) applications, including smart cameras, such as for consumer and commercial security, hobby drones and robots, set-top boxes, and AR wearables.

Features and Benefits

Highest Performance in the Smallest Area

Mali-C55 can deliver up to 1.2 gigapixel/second throughput with low power consumption in the smallest silicon footprint of all Arm Mali ISPs – useful for battery-powered devices and edge AI vision use cases.

High Dynamic Range

Enhanced support for high dynamic range (HDR) sensors compared with predecessor, with 2:1 HDR stitching, digital overlay (DOL), and dual-pixel HDR to address challenging lighting and weather conditions.

Highly Flexible Configurations

Configurable in silicon with optional fit of processing blocks as required, including color noise reduction, downscaler in full resolution output pipeline, and single or double buffered configurations.

The Difference with Arm Mali-C55 ISP 

Mali-C55 supports up to 48 megapixel image resolution with single and multi-camera support for up to eight sensors, and includes enhanced Iridix local tone mapping, and Temper® temporal and Sinter® spatial noise reduction for advanced image processing in challenging lighting or weather conditions.


Use Cases

Where Innovation and Ideas Come to Life

Smart camera technology is being adopted across a range of consumer and business applications, from identifying vehicle license plates to home security systems that notify you if an unfamiliar face is detected. Mali-C55 ISP delivers advances in image processing, dynamic range in challenging conditions, and configurability so smart cameras can address a growing range of use cases.

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