Mali-600 Series Addresses Broad Market Needs

Arm Mali-G625 delivers premium GPU capabilities and brings technology and throughput improvements to a broad market, offering flagship benefits to all consumers. Based on our 5th Gen Arm GPU architecture, Mali-G625 delivers unparalleled gaming and AI experiences.

Features and Benefits

Performant and Efficient

Mali-G625 inherits premium features and technology improvements from Arm Mali-G725 such as fragment prepass and doubled tiler throughput for a longer, more immersive mobile experiences.

Range of Performance Options

Mali-G625 offers a range of performance choices, ranging from a single-core to a five-core configurations to address various device and consumer needs.

Re-Use Design Work for Diverse Premium Markets

Design work for the premium Mali-G725 can be re-used via Mali-G625 to address a wider audience of developers and consumer needs faster than ever.

Mali-G625 Diagrams


Mali-G625 brings the latest technology upgrades to address the wider market such as:

  • Fragment prepass
  • Doubled tiler throughput
  • Improved command stream frontend
  • Doubled shift-convert unit throughput

This is supported by a diverse set of extensive developer resources and tools to optimize performance and efficiency across all mobile gaming applications.

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Arm provides a total gaming experience on Mali GPUs, for more immersive games and real-time 3D apps that run for longer. Arm is a leading contributor to the mobile gaming industry and developed the technology for mobile devices to run high-quality AAA games. These games are dependent on powerful graphics processors that deliver beautiful, sustained gaming experiences.

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Premium smartphones continue to deliver increasing levels of performance and improved graphics. Learn how Mali-G625 can help meet demand for the latest range of applications.

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The Basis for Solutions Approach

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