Image Signal Processing for ADAS and Display Applications

Arm Mali-C78AE builds on the high-performance capabilities of the Mali-C71AE ISP, combined with the class-leading image quality performance seen in Mali-C52 for IoT. It’s designed for use in automotive ADAS and display applications that share cameras for both functions.

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Features and Benefits

Multicamera Support

Up to 4 real-time, or 16 camera streams from memory. Simultaneous inputs from a mix of sensor and CFA types.

Advanced Image Processing

Image quality enhancements for display, providing high-quality outputs from sensors developed for machine vision applications.

Every Pixel Reliable

Real-time hardware safety features for ADAS and HMI applications, with every pixel tagged for reliability.

Robust Safety Capabilities

Safety features that meet ASIL B/SIL 2 diagnostic requirements and ASIL D/SIL 3 for the avoidance of systematic failure.

Dynamic Range Management

24-bit dynamic range processing with independent dynamic range management for optimum display or camera vision outputs.

Computer Vision Processing

Scaled outputs, region-of-interest crops and planar histograms, supporting advanced computer vision applications.

Automotive Applications

The Mali-C78AE image signal processor is intended for use in multicamera vision systems, supporting a combination of computer vision functions and display outputs to the driver for a variety of automotive applications, including autonomous vehicles.

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Image Quality

Built on the class-leading Mali-C71AE ISP, the Mali-C78AE is designed to support the use of red/yellow/yellow/cyan color filter array sensor types. These are commonly used in machine vision and where a high-quality display to the driver is required for a synthesized top-down surround view.

The Mali-C78AE ISP includes:

  • Enhancements to the Iridix™ local tone mapping function.
  • Enhancements to the Sinter® spatial noise reduction function.
  • Addition of Chroma Noise Reduction.
  • Addition of Purple Fringe Correction.

It provides excellent image quality when used in ADAS applications, including four-camera surround view.

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Architecture and Technologies

A Foundation of Silicon Success

Arm Compression Technology

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Functional Safety

The Arm Safety Ready portfolio consists of IP supported by safety packages and development tools and solutions for functional safety. This reduces risk and accelerates time to market for safety-critical applications.

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