Taking High-Fidelity Games Mainstream

First-generation Valhall-based graphics processing unit (GPU) for the mainstream market. Increased performance enables faster device responsiveness, lets users play games for longer, and provides smoother experiences for 3D content. Mali-G57 is a perfect solution to increase the efficiency of devices, such as smartphones, tablets and DTVs, and bring immersive content to life.

Features and Benefits

Improved Performance and Efficiency

Increased energy efficiency for improved battery life and improved performance for high-resolution UI in 4K and 8K DTV, AR and VR, and high-fidelity mobile games so you can enjoy your immersive content for even longer periods of time.

Immersive Graphics for Mainstream Devices

High-fidelity gaming is something that is traditionally associated with premium level devices. Mali-G57 is in Arm’s mainstream product suite and when combined with powerful and energy efficient CPUs and ML processors it can enable immersive high-fidelity gaming on mainstream devices.

Bringing AR and VR Experiences Mainstream

Foveated rendering technology present in Mali-G57 lets VR developers lower their app workload. This will enable end users to have access to more immersive VR games, apps and experiences.

Use Cases

Where Innovation and Ideas Come to Life

Mobile gaming is the largest gaming segment by revenue and users, now surpassing the PC and console markets. The latest mobile hardware supports high-fidelity games on the go, but often porting console/PC quality games to mobile can be challenging. Mali-G57 is in Arm’s mainstream product suite and includes machine learning processors and CPU technology to form an integral part of future AI and immersive use cases.

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It’s not just professional gamers who expect amazing graphic experiences. Learn how Mali-G57 can help you deliver the latest range of devices that can handle tomorrow’s hi-res games to the mainstream market.

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