Third-Generation, High-Performance CPU Based on DynamIQ Technology

Built for powering next-generation 5G solutions 

Designed for devices undertaking complex compute tasks, from edge to cloud, for next-generation experiences. Cortex-A77 enables intelligent 5G compute, with performance gains on previous generations across all form factors from mobile to laptops. Maintains Arm’s industry leading efficiency with next-generation device architecture to drive the fast deployment of new applications enabled by 5G.

Features and Benefits
Laptop-Class Performance

Pushing smartphones to new levels of performance, Cortex-A77 improves user experience across the most complex compute tasks. Bringing superior laptop-class performance to all form factors from mobile to large screen computing.

Enabling 5G Solutions

With 5G-enabled devices already available, the next generation of always on, always connected devices will move forward with the 5G roll out. Cortex-A77 supports new applications and use cases for mobile, and always-connected laptops.

Excellent User Experiences

Users are demanding devices with longer battery life and consistent high performance, all in a thinner form factor. Microarchitecture updates to Cortex-A77 take advantage of DynamIQ efficient cores to improve user experiences.

Use Cases
Where Innovation and Ideas Come to Life

Faster, low-latency, high-bandwidth 5G networks can connect anything, anywhere, with improved performance, efficiency, and cost. Arm-powered solutions are at the forefront of unleashing the power of the 5th generation mobile network.

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Performance and efficiency matter with 5G. Learn how the Cortex-A77 can create a better user experience for your products.

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