Arm Engaged on the Issues

Arm’s cutting-edge semiconductor chip designs went into the first mobile phones, and now Arm technology runs the electronic devices that power our lives. Our technology has become the basis for all computing and our chip designs—employed by thousands of partners—are the most widely used in the world. With our birds-eye view of the technology landscape, we’re working to improve how people interact with technology, and how technology interacts with the world. Governments worldwide will have significant influence on enabling people and companies to build better solutions to address the world’s most vital needs.

Our People

While Arm is a UK-based company, we have made investing in the global markets a priority. We are proud to have almost 6,000 employees worldwide with offices across North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  

Building a Secure Internet of Things

Arm has developed a high-security IoT platform that includes critical certification requirements. We are encouraging governments worldwide to promote this high standard. Across the globe, government emphasis on IoT security has potential to drive the market toward more secure products. Implementing and maintaining these standards will be critical to managing the billions of intelligent IoT devices that provide the building blocks for a data-powered economy. 

Improving Lives with Artificial Intelligence

We believe AI has the power to solve the world’s biggest challenges, and governments can be a major driver of this change. The world is investing heavily in the technology and we must continue that leadership globally and policies that drive ethical advancements in AI—a technology with the power to dramatically improve peoples’ lives.  

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Advancing 5G

5G technology will revolutionize modern networks. Any nation not prioritizing 5G deployment will fall behind technologically and economically. Arm believes global governments must lead the development of this next-generation, high-speed connectivity. Government policy should encourage network deployment to enable and power the next generation of connected devices, which will require dramatically faster network speeds.

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Data Security and Privacy

For decades, Arm has been working with researchers and other technology companies to secure devices from chip to cloud. To realize the potential of a more connected world, technology must be trusted. We are working with policymakers and private sector partners to promote the highest standards of device and data security, because security is at the forefront of what we do. Read more about Arm’s leadership in our security manifesto

Safe Autonomous Vehicle Technology

The Arm architecture is a key enabler of automotive technology, and autonomous driving is the next frontier. Governments should continue working with the private sector to develop secure and reliable vehicle technology that dramatically increases safety on our roadways. Arm is playing a role in this transformation by enabling today’s Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and helping to meet the power-efficiency requirements needed to turn concept into reality. Ultimately, by making the world’s streets safer for both drivers and pedestrians, autonomous technology saves lives.

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Arm has committed to helping achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (Global Goals) for 2030. The UN set these objectives to address the world’s greatest societal and environmental challenges over the next decade. We believe that technology—including Arm technology—can help solve those challenges. By taking part in this 2030Vision initiative, Arm is partnering with businesses, NGOs and governments to foster collaboration and enable greater understanding of the need for world-changing technologies. 

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Technological Leadership

By enabling our thousands of partners, Arm has paved the way to the digital world we live in today. We see first-hand how governments that proficiently support new technologies will help advance not only their economies, but the well-being of their citizens. While recognizing and protecting national security interests, countries around the world must build on the unprecedented success of our digital world to ensure technology is shared widely across the globe.