Arm AI: Bringing AI Technologies to Life 

The Age of AI has arrived. But with it comes the challenges of navigating continuously evolving AI Technologies. By bringing together the key elements required for AI development, Arm AI provides everything you need to quickly turn ideas into market-ready innovations.

Arm AI is a versatile and scalable environment for AI development combining the best IP, tools, software, and support. Together, we're bringing innovations to life and sparking the world's potential.

Arm AI: Key Elements for Your AI Development

Explore the interactive graphic below to see how Arm AI acts as the central hub for developing AI solutions.

The Arm AI Benefits

Arm AI Technology is Everywhere

With the world’s largest compute footprint, Arm AI is open and efficient and enables businesses to develop AI solutions across all markets.

Ease of Use

Where AI is fragmented and difficult-to-navigate, Arm AI technologies are simple to use, develop, and deploy, with easy software portability across a variety of hardware and architectures.​

AI Partner Ecosystem

Our leading software and hardware partners deliver best-in-class tools, frameworks, algorithms and apps which enable a faster time to market for your AI solutions.

Case Studies

Through our vast ecosystem, Arm already powers a wide range of devices and applications that rely on ML at the network edge and endpoints. By adding ML capabilities to processor technology, Arm is helping devices and applications become even smarter, more energy efficient, and more affordable. The result is transforming business models across a range of markets.

Nota’s Automatic AI Model Compression Platform

Nota’s Automatic AI Model Compression Platform, NetsPresso, powered by Arm is bringing AI to the smallest of devices. This video features two incredible case studies on facial recognition and intelligent traffic monitoring created using Nota’s solution.

To learn more, contact Nota in our Arm AI Ecosystem Catalog.

Ignitarium Delivers Real-time Noise Suppression

Ignitarium’s real-time noise suppression software uses machine learning to suppress background noise. This exciting step in the innovation of audio and video segments designed for low-cost edge devices is enabled by the power efficiency and mature software support for machine learning functions found in Arm processors.

Emotion3D’s In-Cabin Monitoring Software

Emotion3D uses Arm-based CPUs to enable the high-accuracy, high-performance, flexible features necessary to support a range of devices that require real-time analytics. Currently, the company is using Arm processors to create AI-powered software that helps make the driving experience safer.

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Arm AI for Developers

The Arm machine learning open source software development kit (SDK) provides best-in-class ML performance across Arm IP. Common frameworks and model formats enable quick integration and a seamless developer experience. Develop once and deploy everywhere with software that supports workloads across all Arm processors.

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AI-Ready Product Families

Arm’s highly versatile and scalable AI-optimized platform architecture leverages CPUs, GPUs, and NPUs to run machine learning workloads across all devices with the highest performance and greatest efficiency.


Cortex CPUs

Arm CPUs are the leading machine learning processor on the market today, with 85 percent of premium smartphones running ML on the Arm CPU or a CPU/GPU combination. Arm CPUs are best-in-class for energy efficiency, and we're continuously developing new features to stay ahead of power and performance demands.


Ethos NPUs

Arm Ethos NPU processors deliver maximum performance, power and area efficiency for ML inference from cloud to edge to endpoint. Ethos’ optimized design enables new features, enhances user experiences, and delivers innovative applications for market segments including mobile, IoT, embedded, automotive, and infrastructure.


Mali GPUs

For graphics-intense machine learning workloads, Arm GPUs deliver first-rate performance. Mali GPUs with ML extensions and high floating-point throughput provide high performance across a variety of entertainment experiences, including visual enhancements to gaming, images and video, while enabling longer battery life.

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