Suppliers Working with Arm

Responsible Procurement for Arm relates to all our interactions and dealings with potential and current suppliers.

The Arm Supplier Code of Conduct articulates the ethical, social, environmental standard we apply to ourselves and want all our suppliers to adhere to. It applies to all our suppliers globally, and we request suppliers to either accept our Supplier Code as part of their legal binding contract with us or present their own equivalent Code as part of the Supplier Registration process.

We apply mandatory third-party verified self-assessment against the Arm Supplier Code of Conduct for suppliers providing certain types of products, goods and or services, or for specific spend thresholds. Arm reserves the right to undertake audits against the requirements of the Supplier Code of Conduct which may include on-site visits. Where checks do not meet Arm’s requirements, we are committed to working with our suppliers to achieve sustainable improvements.

In addition to the Arm Supplier Code of Conduct, the Arm Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption Policy details our approach and commitment to Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption standards and how we expect any suppliers to act and ensure that our standards are continually achieved. Arm Group Procurement plays a role in managing and preventing any bribery and corruption risk in our supply base. We require our suppliers to comply with all applicable legal and ethical standards and that they are equally committed to preventing bribery and corruption in any form, including, but not limited to facilitation of payments, extortion, money laundering and other illegal or unethical gratuities or payments.

It is our strong belief that independence is key to an ethically compliant procurement function; consistent with this commitment, Arm Group Procurement do not accept gifts or offers of entertainment from current or prospective suppliers. We expect suppliers to support this stated position. 

Supplier due diligence includes assessing compliance with our standards:

Our Supplier Registration and due diligence process requires suppliers to be transparent about their business practices. Suppliers are expected to actively engage in the supplier registration process, this may require on-site audits.

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