Optimal Performance and Power Efficiency for Hyperscale, Telecom, Networking, and Infrastructure Edge Devices

The Arm Neoverse N3 CPU extends Arm’s market leadership for performance-per-watt efficiency, delivering 20% greater performance per watt efficiency compared to Arm Neoverse N2.

Features and Benefits  

Optimized Performance per Watt Efficiency

Across a range of workloads, Neoverse N3 delivers 20% more performance-per-watt efficiency than Neoverse N2.

Performance and Power Efficiency for AI and ML Workloads

With a 2MB L2 cache and advanced ML features, Neoverse N3 offers nearly triple the ML performance compared to Neoverse N2.

Arm’s Most Scalable Platform 

Paired with Arm’s new Neoverse S3 platform IP, Neoverse N3 systems can scale from 8 cores to 192 –cores, and beyond.

Arm Neoverse N3 Specification


Neoverse N3 sets a new industry benchmark in performance-per-watt efficiency, delivering a 20% improvement over Neoverse N2.

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Use Cases

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To deliver on performance and versatility, 5G requires a more complex and robust infrastructure. Arm delivers technology for building faster, low-latency 5G networks.

Cloud Computing

More customers are shifting their workloads in Computational Fluid Dynamics, Genomics, Oil & Gas, and EDA to the cloud. Arm Neoverse offers excellent performance throughput and value.

Edge Computing

The combination of leading performance with incredible power efficiency makes Neoverse N-series the perfect solution for power and space constrained edge use cases.

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Neoverse CSS N3 is an Arm-configured and optimized implementation of the Neoverse N3 platform, targeting 5G, DPU, and enterprise networking workloads.


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Our first Armv9 infrastructure CPU, Neoverse N2 offers best-in-class performance, efficiency, and compute density, while maintaining the cloud-native experience.