Highly Scalable Mesh for Confidential Compute and Chiplets

The Arm Neoverse CMN S3 Coherent Mesh Network is designed for intelligent connected systems across a wide range of applications, including networking infrastructure, storage, server, HPC, automotive, and industrial solutions. The highly scalable mesh is optimized for Armv9.2, Armv9 and Armv8-A processors, multichip configurations, and CXL attached devices. It forms the foundation for chiplets and confidential compute. It can be customized across a wide range of performance points.

Features and Benefits

High-Performance, Scalable Coherent Mesh

The scalable mesh network can be customized to meet system performance and area requirements. The native AMBA 5 CHI network provides high-frequency, non-blocking data transfers between compute, accelerator, and IO to shared memory resources.

Armv9.2 and Arm Confidential Compute 

CMN S3 enables system level confidential compute capabilities across CPUs, caches, IO and accelerators.

AMBA CHI Chip to Chip

CMN S3 forms the foundation for chiplet-based designs. Enabling the key chiplet capabilities needed for next-generation chiplet applications. CMN S3 enables chiplet designs with same as ease and performance as monolithic designs.

Use Cases

Where Innovation and Ideas Come to Life

High Performance Computing (HPC)

HPC researchers are exploring the scale-out performance of Neoverse architectures on computational fluid dynamics, medical research, oil & gas exploration and other computationally demanding workloads.

Cloud Computing

More customers are shifting their workloads in Computational Fluid Dynamics, Genomics, Oil & Gas, and EDA to the cloud. Arm Neoverse offers excellent performance throughput and value.

Artificial Intelligence

Neoverse V-Series are the best Arm cores for accelerating AI/ML-assisted workloads, helping keep specialized computing resources fed quickly with data.

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