The Performance-per-Watt Leading Arm Neoverse N3 Platform Validated by Arm for Networking and Edge Markets 

Highly configurable to target 5G, DPU, and enterprise networking markets, Arm Neoverse CSS N3 helps deliver market-leading performance-per-watt with fast time-to-market, low cost, and low risk.

Features and Benefits

Fastest Path to Market for Neoverse N3

Delivered as a pre-configured, optimized, and validated RTL package, Neoverse CSS N3 helps accelerate time to market with Neoverse N3.

Configurable for Cloud to Edge

Scaling from 8 to 32-cores per die, Neoverse CSS N3 is highly configurable to target 5G, DPU, or enterprise networking use cases, with leading performance-per-watt.

Highly Customizable

CSS N3 offers on-die and chip-to-chip interfaces supporting the implementation of customer workload accelerators for 5G or AI.

Arm Neoverse CSS N3 Specification

Per-Die Specifications:

Neoverse CSS N3 per-subsystem specifications1:

  • Up to 32-cores of Arm Neoverse N3
  • Up to 4-channels (40b) of DDR5/LPDDR5 memory
  • Up to 32-lanes of PCIe Gen5 or CXL I/O
  • High-speed die-to-die links supporting UCIe 1.1 or Custom PHYs
  • Built on Arm Neoverse CMN S3, MMU S3, and NOC S3 system IP

Neoverse CSS products are delivered as an integrated RTL that is configurable by the licensee.


1. CSS N3 can be flexibly configured for single or multiple die per socket, dual-socket SMP, or for reduced compute, memory, or I/O specifications.

Use Cases

Where Innovation and Ideas Come to Life


To deliver on performance and versatility, 5G requires a more complex and robust infrastructure. Arm delivers technology for building faster, low-latency 5G networks.

Cloud Computing

More customers are shifting their workloads in Computational Fluid Dynamics, Genomics, Oil & Gas, and EDA to the cloud. Arm Neoverse offers excellent performance throughput and value.

Edge Computing

The combination of leading performance with incredible power efficiency makes Neoverse N-series the perfect solution for power and space constrained edge use cases.

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