Neoverse CSS N2: The Arm Neoverse N2 Platform, Delivered to Partners as a Verified, Performance-Validated Customizable Subsystem

Arm Neoverse CSS N2 is the first generation of Neoverse CSS products designed to speed time to production silicon, deliver world-class performance, and bring leading-edge technology to the Arm ecosystem. CSS N2 packs up to 64 Neoverse N2 cores, with DDR5 memory and PCIe Gen5/CXL I/O, into a performance- and power-optimized subsystem.

Features and Benefits

Fastest Path to Production Silicon

CSS N2 partners report significant benefits, such as advancing from design idea to working silicon in 13 months and saving an estimated 80 engineering years of design effort. CSS N2 lets partners get to market faster than ever and allows design resources to focus on building specialized silicon.

World-Class Performance

CSS N2 delivers an estimated SPECrate® 2017 integer score of 1000 when configured in a multichip system with an aggregate of 256 Arm Neoverse N2 cores at 3.0GHz.

Leading-Edge Technology

CSS N2 implements the latest memory and I/O technologies, including DDR5/LPDDR5, PCIe Gen5, and CXL, on an advanced 5nm fabrication process.



Arm Neoverse CSS N2 represents a new paradigm in delivering customized, partner-differentiated silicon to market in record time.

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Industry Solutions

Performance that Spans Cloud to Edge

Cloud Computing

Cloud customers are experiencing up to 40% improved price performance over comparable traditional architecture-based instances on a broad range of workloads.


To deliver on performance and versatility, 5G requires a more complex and robust infrastructure. Arm delivers technology for building faster, low-latency 5G networks.

Edge Computing

The combination of leading performance with incredible power efficiency makes Neoverse N-series the perfect solution for power and space constrained edge use cases.

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