Multiple Implementation Choices to Achieve Market Leading PPA for Arm IP

Arm offers a range of options for physical implementation to suit your needs, starting from best practice guidelines in the iRM, through to comprehensive physical implementation services and Arm POP IP technology.

Implementation Reference Methodology (iRM)

Arm provides a worked implementation example for all cores, which is a fixed configuration on a specific process node using a specific EDA tool. iRMs contain documents and constraint files and are shipped with Arm IP deliverables.


You may decide to extract best practice from the iRM, however we recommend that you also consider some additional physical implementation services from Arm, and/or Arm POP IP solutions.

Arm Physical Implementation Services

Arm offers two types of services to cover the full spectrum of physical design closure:

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Arm POP IP Technology

Arm POP IP technology leverages our market-leading processor knowledge with our Artisan Physical IP products to deliver the most efficient and highest performance Arm Cortex processor implementations for our licensees.

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