Consultancy Services

Arm offers valuable physical implementation services to help you throughout the design process. These consultancy services aim to boost your team's design quality and reduce the risk of design flaws, so that you can accelerate product launches without compromising quality.

Arm Physical Design Enablers

Reference Flow Consultancy

Once you have taken our implementation training, this consultancy service helps mirror the capability of Arm's reference implementation flow at your site. It lets you start with a working flow and ensure that no time is wasted in rebuild or discovery. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Physical Design Consultancy

This is a high-touch engagement delivered via weekly calls to guide optimization of your physical design flow starting from RTL synthesis to post-route based on our experience in design, PPA tradeoff trials, and test chip tape outs. You can leverage Arm expertise and resources for quick problem resolution – timing, test, process, PI/SI, layout, EDA techniques, etc. for a faster tape out. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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