Consultancy Services

Various Physical Implementation and CryptoCell security services to help you throughout the design process. These aim to boost your team's design quality and reduce the risk of design flaws, so that you can launch products faster without compromising quality.

Arm Physical Implementation Consultancy

Reference Flow Consultancy

Once you have mastered the basics, this service aims to mirror the capability of Arm’s reference flow on your site. This means that you can start with a working flow, to ensure no time is wasted in rebuild or discovery. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Physical Design Consultancy

This is an intense engagement delivered via weekly calls to guide optimisation of your flow starting from RTL synthesis to post-route. Here you can leverage Arm expertise and resources for quick problem resolution – timing, test, process, power, layout, constraints, etc. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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CryptoCell Security Services

Secure World

Why would you need help with CryptoCell
  • Deploy your end product quickly.
  • Get access to security experts on your project.
  • Reduce risk on something going wrong or being overlooked.
  • Get features developed quickly and with reassurance that it's being done by experts.
  • Add extra capacity to your team.
CryptoCell Security Services enable you to
  • Receive expert advice on your embedded security requirements and how to best protect your assets.
  • Review CryptoCell related software code and architecture in your end application.
  • Design and implement enhancements to Arm’s CryptoCell APIs to enable efficient integration into your platform.
  • Create demo features: Creation of your requested features on Arm’s development platform.
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