Transforming Automotive SoC Design with Arm Physical IP Solutions

As we move into an era where driving decisions made by artificial intelligence (AI) become more commonplace, the role semiconductors play in vehicle safety and reliability has never been more crucial. Arm technology has been designed into these critical functions with the Arm Safety Ready portfolio of IP, safety features, tools and robust methodologies to support various auto and industrial segments needing functional safety and reliability.


IP for safety-critical automotive use cases needs to provide high reliability with exceptional quality and adhere to global industry standards such as ISO 26262 and AEC Q100. To comply with these standards, each design specification demands unique PPAC (power, performance, area, cost) which will impact the chosen technology nodes, physical IP requirements and methods used for physical implementation.


Arm’s broad range of physical IP and POP IP for automotive applications deliver secure, safety-critical requirements through certified semiconductor foundry manufacturing processes. Arm Physical IP is optimized for system reliability (with respect to potential issues such as temperature and voltage spikes) and the ability to test the automotive design with sufficient coverage.

Comprehensive Range of Automotive IP

Whether the automotive SoCs are designed in mature nodes or the advanced FinFET like 5nm for improved PPA, it is inevitable that designers balance the safety-critical requirements and optimize the design for PPA simultaneously.


Arm physical IP leverages expertise across RTL, physical IP design, process nodes, and EDA tools within a POP IP implementation. The physical IP platform includes dedicated memories for automotive applications which are designed for reliability, testability, and high temperatures. The architecture of the physical IP helps to avoid compromises in functionality and electrical parameters, and is built on certified manufacturing processes for low-risk adoption. Combine the RTL with physical IP and the POP implementation solution to deliver secure, functionally safe results.

Optimized for Safe and Reliable Automotive Systems 

The Arm Safety Ready portfolio includes software test libraries (STL) that provide diagnostic capabilities for permanent faults for designs ranging from 16nm to 5nm and beyond.

Safety-ready implementation
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Arm enables NXP with dedicated automotive physical IP to address new feature and functionality demands.

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