Oracle Cloud Infrastructure + Ampere A1 Compute

Priced at a penny per core, OCI raises the expectations for cloud.

Ampere A1 Compute, the first Arm-based instance from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), sets new standards for enterprise apps and cloud-native workloads with engineering that delivers consistent performance, scale, and economics on all workloads.

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Predictable Performance

The Arm single-thread-per-core architecture delivers consistent and predictable performance while providing headroom for scaling.

Outstanding Price Performance

Priced at a penny-per-core, Ampere A1 compute delivers superior performance across a broad range of workloads.

Better Security

The Ampere Neoverse-based Altra processors single-thread-per-core design eliminates potential thread security issues and provides isolation for customer workloads.

A Leap Forward for Multiple Workloads

OCI offers a broad, diverse, and cost-effective portfolio of services to its more than 430,000 customers. Potential workloads for A1 include web and caching services, relational and key value stories, cloud native deployments, hybrid cloud deployments, machine learning, and other applications.


Investigate how to tune Oracle Linux (OL) for maximizing Redis throughput by up to 60% on Ampere’s A1 Arm–based two-socket systems in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

Video Encoding

Ampere A1 Compute delivers up to 98 percent more frames per dollar for x264 encoding and 10 percent improved overall performance over traditional processors.


Ampere A1 Compute manages up to 69 percent more requests per second per dollar on the world’s most popular scale-out web application server.

Arm and Oracle: Leading Together

Learn more about how Oracle is paving the way for the ‘Digital First’ enterprise.

The Altra Advantage

Launched in 2017, Ampere Computing set out to build the world’s first processor designed for a cloud-native world. Featuring 80 single-thread Neoverse N1 cores and frequency of 3GHz, the Ampere Altra combines leading compute performance with leading energy efficiency to provide cloud service providers and their customers a path to increase workloads while reducing cost and other overhead.


An 80-core Altra packs in more threads and performs more work than an equivalent traditional processor within the same rack and power limitations.


Arm Oracle Diagram

Arm Technology and Tools for Cloud Computing

Neoverse N1

A high-performance platform optimized for cloud-native server workloads operating at top compute efficiency with processing at the edge for increased scalability.

CoreLink CMN-600


Reduce SoC integration time with a coherent mesh network optimized for a wide range of applications, including networking infrastructure, storage, server, HPC, automotive, and industrial solutions.

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