Accelerating the Cloud-to-Edge Infrastructure Transformation

The Neoverse N1 CPU is optimized for handling a wide range of cloud-native workloads at world-class levels of performance, efficiency and compute density. It adds up to a more flexible, more scalable and more competitive infrastructure for cloud providers, carriers, developers and customers.

Features and Benefits

Revolutionary Compute Performance

Delivering market-leading server performance at half the power, Neoverse N1 marks a revolution in compute efficiency and performance/watt for the cloud and the edge. Customers have experienced price performance and TCO gains of 40% and more.

Infrastructure-Specific Features

Supporting the Armv8.2-A specification, the Neoverse N1 platform delivers a host of architectural and implementation features targeted at the infrastructure market, including include server-class RAS, efficient virtualization, CPU power management, cache stashing, statistical code profiling, and I-cache coherency support.

Extreme Scalability and Diversity

Offering at least 30% compute efficiency gain over previous generation Arm infrastructure CPUs, the N1 platform scales from sub-35W systems for networking and specific tasks to hyperscale workloads requiring multicore designs.

Product Specifications and Key Documentation

 Architecture  Armv8-A (Harvard)  
  • Armv8.1 extensions
  • Armv8.2 extensions
  • Cryptography extensions
  • RAS extensions
  • SPE extensions
  • Armv8.3 LDAPR instructions
  • Armv8.4 Dot Product instructions
  • Armv8.5 (security vulnerabilities mitigations)
 ISA support
  • A64
  • A32 and T32 (at the EL0 only)
 Microachitecture  Pipeline  Out-of-order
 Superscalar  Yes
 Neon / Floating Point Unit  Included
 Cryptography unit  Optional
 Max number of CPUs in cluster  Four (4) or direct-connect
 Physical addressing (PA)  48-bit
 Memory system and external interfaces  L1 I-Cache /D-Cache  64KB
 L2 Cache  1MB to 512KB, or 256KB
 L3 Cache  Optional, 512KB to 4MB
 ECC support  Yes
 LPAE  Yes
 Bus interfaces  AMBA CHI or ACE
 ACP  Optional with cluster
 Peripheral port  Optional with cluster
 Other  Security  TrustZone
 Interrupts  GIC interface, GICv4
 Generic timer  Armv8-A
 Debug  Armv8-A (plus Armv8.2-A extensions)
 CoreSight  CoreSightv3
 Embedded Trace Macrocell  ETMv4.2 (instruction trace)

Key documentation

Get Started with Neoverse N1 Reference Designs

Arm Neoverse N1 Core: Performance Analysis Methodology

With Neoverse N1 based systems becoming widely available, many real-world workloads are showing very competitive performance and significant cost savings when compared to legacy systems. Some recent examples include: H.264 video encoding, memcached, Elasticsearch, NGINX and more.

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Industry Solutions

Performance that Spans Cloud-to-Edge

Neoverse N1 is designed to accelerate the transformation to a scalable cloud-to-edge infrastructure. See how Arm customers are deploying Neoverse N1 high-performance, low-power solutions in these areas.

Cloud Computing

Cloud customers are experiencing up to 40% improved price performance over comparable traditional architecture-based instances on a broad range of workload.

High-Performance Computing (HPC)

HPC researchers are exploring the scale-out performance of Neoverse N1 on computational fluid dynamics, medical research, oil & gas exploration and other computationally demanding workloads.

Edge Computing

The combination of leading performance with incredible power efficiency makes Neoverse N1 the perfect solution for power and space constrained edge use cases.

Arm and AWS Redefine Cloud Price Performance Value

Based on Arm Neoverse N1, AWS Graviton2 processor instances deliver up to 40% better price performance over comparable x86-based instances.

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