Accelerating the Scalable Cloud-to-Edge Infrastructure Transformation

The Neoverse N1 CPU is optimized for a wide range of cloud native server workloads executing at a world-class compute efficiency. This enables an infrastructure transformation where processing is pushed to the edge where data is generated, thereby providing more scalability than moving all data to centralized datacenters.

Features and Benefits
Revolutionary Compute Performance

Delivering market-leading server performance at the half the power, the N1 CPU ushers in a revolutionary era of compute efficiency or performance/watt. Whether it is running general server workloads on power-constrained edge platforms, or scaling datacenter servers to very large core counts, massive TCO and scalability improvements can be achieved.

Infrastructure-Specific Features

Supporting the Armv8.2-A specification, the Neoverse N1 platform delivers a host of architectural and implementation features targeted at the infrastructure market. These features include server-class RAS, efficient virtualization, CPU power management, cache stashing, statistical code profiling, and I-cache coherency support.

Extreme Scalability and Diversity

Offering at least 30% compute efficiency gain over previous generation Arm infrastructure CPUs, the N1 platform scales from sub-35W systems to large hyperscale cloud servers. Heterogeneous integrations with the E1 CPU, while maintaining Arm software interoperability, further empowers an ecosystem that thrives on delivering diverse and differentiated solutions.

Investing in a Complete Infrastructure Platform

Arm's Big Opportunity to Expand into Datacenter Infrastructure

The first extensive CPU core roadmap from Arm, Neoverse is aimed specifically at infrastructure, as distinct from consumer IP lines. It comes in the wake of significant signs of traction for the firm in the systems and cloud infrastructure space.

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