Combine Performance and Efficiency for Linux-Capable IoT Devices

Arm Corstone-1000 offers a flexible reference package that supports platform operating systems, including Linux, to help designers build secure system-on-chips (SoCs) faster. It provides a fully verified subsystem and system IP that combines a choice of Cortex-A and Cortex-M processors for a diverse range of applications, from low-power microprocessors (MPUs) and wearables to high-performance IoT endpoints and gateways.

Features and Benefits

Fast Time to Market

Corstone-1000 is Arm SystemReady IR certified for efficient software integration and is paired with out-of-the-box testbenches and extensive resources to accelerate secure SoC development.

Scalable and Flexible Design

Corstone-1000 makes it easy to build an advanced SoC that combines Cortex-A and Cortex-M processors to achieve efficiency and high performance in a constrained power envelope.

Built-in Security

An example implementation of Corstone-1000 with a cryptocell extension has achieved PSA Certified Level 2 Ready, easing the route to PSA Certified Level 2 certification. It includes Arm TrustZone technology and a hardware secure enclave for secure deployment and management of application-class systems.

Components of Corstone-1000

Corstone-1000 includes the SSE-710 pre-verified and configurable subsystem and system IP blocks to accelerate the design of a Linux-capable SoC. Explore the components of Corstone-1000 below.

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Software and Tools

Arm and partners offer software and tools that run on Corstone designs to help simplify and accelerate SoC development.

Getting Started

Explore resources and documentation to help you start developing with Corstone-1000.

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