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Arm Flexible Access provides up-front, low-cost access to a wide range of Arm IP, support, tools, and training. Innovate new designs with a huge range of Arm CPUs, GPUs, interconnect, security blocks, and more. Experiment and design with the entire portfolio—license fees are due at the point of manufacture, and calculated only on the IP included in the final SoC design.

How Arm Flexible Access Works


  • Widest range of Arm IP, tools and services
  • Annual access fee covers design rights
  • Any or all of the IP package is downloadable at any time


  • Freedom to start, change or stop projects as needed
  • Model your workload across included IP for best-fit design
  • World-wide access to Arm training and support


  • Licensing payment only for IP used at tape out, not before
  • Transparent and simple business terms
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Flexible Options to Meet Your Needs
Entry Package
$75K per annum
$0 for qualifying startups
  • Access to full Flexible Access IP portfolio
  • License fees are calculated per design on included IP
  • Royalties are calculated per unit on included IP
  • Limited to one tape-out per year
Standard Package
$200K per annum
  • Access to full Flexible Access IP portfolio
  • License fees are calculated per design on included IP
  • Royalties are calculated per unit on included IP
  • Unlimited tape-outs per year
  • Additional seats and credits for training, tools and design support services
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Included in Arm Flexible Access
Fast and easy access to a broad selection of technologies

IP Products

Access a vast range of proven technology for your SoC, including Arm Cortex CPUs, Mali GPUs, System IP, Security IP, Physical IP, and more.


Support and Maintenance

Receive expert support, knowledge and online training at your fingertips to help optimize your projects.


Tools and Models

Fast track your SoC design and development with tools and models. Take advantage of Arm Development Studio Gold, Socrates, and system models (both cycle accurate and fast models) for CPUs.

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Are You a Silicon Startup or Research Institution?

You may be eligible for the entry-tier benefits of the Arm Flexible Access program at zero cost with our specially adapted programs.

What Partners Are Saying

"For Synaptics, the name of the program says it all. It's all about flexibility in terms of access to the Arm IP and design enablement infrastructure that we need to develop our SoCs. We appreciate the straightforward business terms and ability to experiment freely before we commit our designs to silicon."

Saleel Awsare, SVP & GM, IoT Division, Synaptics


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