1. What is Arm Flexible Access?

Arm Flexible Access is a new engagement model that allows partners to evaluate and fully design solutions with a wide-ranging mix of Arm IP before committing to license and manufacture.

2. Who can use Arm Flexible Access?

Any company wishing to access Arm IP for system-on-chip (SoC) design.

3. What type of startups qualify to Arm Flexible Access for Startups ?

Arm Flexible Access for Startups is designed for early-stage startups who are developing a silicon product and have less than $5 million in funding. Startups with more than $5 million in funding can still benefit from Flexible Access with the $75K Entry Tier.

4. Why design with Arm Flexible Access?


Arm Flexible Access allows partners unlimited access to download and design multiple projects with a wide range of industry-leading Arm IP products, and includes full access to Arm support, along with development and design tools, models, and training. Partners can evaluate different IP options and design multiple SoC projects, with license fees for included IP only due at manufacture time – aligning investment more closely to project lifecycles.

5. What IP is included?

The program offers a comprehensive IP package that enables partners to build complete silicon design, and includes CPUs, GPUs, System IP, and Security IP. The package also includes Corstone reference packages - that brings together pre-verified subsystems and supporting System IP, to simplify silicon designs and reduce development risk. Get the complete list of IP, tools, and models from the Arm Flexible Access data sheet.

6. What IP and tools are included in the Arm Flexible Access for Startups program?

Everything in the Entry Tier of Flexible Access. For a full list of IP, supporting tools and models, refer to the Arm Flexible Access data sheet.

7. What are the costs for Arm Flexible Access, and how are they calculated?

Arm Flexible Access has an annual access fee and is available in two options, depending on your requirements. Arm Flexible Access for Startups has no annual access fee. Refer to the Arm Flexible Access datasheet for more details.

When a design is ready for manufacture, licensing fees are due for IP included in the design, and royalties are calculated based on a simplified model for units shipped. Contact Arm for more details on licensing and royalties.

8. How does Arm Flexible Access affect my existing IP entitlements?

Arm Flexible Access does not change your existing IP entitlements. You can use existing IP entitlements alongside Arm Flexible Access in a single design. Contact Arm for specific details.


9. How do I access the IP, tools, and support available through Arm Flexible Access?

A new Product Download Hub is available as part of your Arm Flexible Access account. This hub will be made available to your company once you are signed up to Arm Flexible Access.  Sign up now.

10. How do I pay license fees once my design is ready for tape-out?

Complete a simple form to register your project ready for production and submit it to your Arm account manager.

11. What is the difference between Arm Flexible Access and DesignStart?

DesignStart is the lowest up-front cost path to designing SoCs and it includes access to the Arm Cortex-M3 processor, Cortex-M0 processor, and Cortex-A5 processor, along with related system IP, subsystems or free limited-time tools access.  Arm Flexible Access includes a significantly wider range of industry leading Arm IP, support, development and design tools, models, and training.

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