Flexible Access For Startups Application

If you are an early stage startup developing an innovative semiconductor product then Arm Flexible Access for Startups may be right for you. Please complete the application form and we'll contact you shortly.


Benefits of Flexible Access for Startups

  • $0 easy access to the world’s leading SoC design portfolio
  • $0 license fee for the production of prototypes
  • $0 cost tools, training, and support to enhance your team


What Startups Say About Working with Arm

“As a startup, we are deriving the benefit of the same level of commitment and support to our near and long term success as a large public company”

Krishna Rangasaayee, CEO and Founder, Sima


“Our technology needs to work first time and the technology contributed by the ecosystem has to be just as trustworthy”

Avi Baum, Co-founder and Chief Technologist, Hailo