Arm Academic Access

Increase research impact with free academic access to the world’s leading SoC design portfolio 

Arm Academic Access is a new research enablement model that allows academics to innovate, evaluate, design and manufacture with commercially proven Arm IP at no charge.
Membership of the program is available to institutions solely for the purposes of education, training or academic/non-commercial research. We'll work with you to enable access to the technology that best suits your needs.

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Features and Benefits

Innovate with a Wider Range of IP

Freedom to experiment, evaluate, design and manufacture on a range of commercial Arm IP at no charge

Access to proven technologies, including Cortex and Artisan Physical IP

Easier to progress to tape out for those who wish to

Increase Research Impact

Increased opportunities to design new systems and solutions using commercially relevant IP that’s right for your project

Increase agility and decrease time to research output

Experience a Simpler, Improved Process

Simplified legal process encompasses all institutional research needs

Users can access and download the relevant IP portfolio at any time

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How It Works

Arm is committed to supporting academic innovation through easy access to Arm IP, tools and services. Through Arm Academic Access we’re making it simpler than ever for institutions to access a wide portfolio of IP to drive research forward.

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