Powerful Real-time Processor for Smart Storage Applications

Highest-performance Cortex-R processor with memory management unit (MMU), enabling real-time and rich operating systems (OS), such as Linux, on the same core or cluster. As the first Arm 64-bit Cortex-R processor, the Cortex-R82 can address up to 1TB of dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) for efficient, high-performance compute. Ideal for solid-state drives (SSDs), hard-disk drives (HDDs) and built-in storage solutions, as well as computational storage applications.

Features and Benefits

Increased Storage Capacity

The 64-bit R-profile architecture provides access to the larger memory capacities required to support increasing storage drive capacities.

Rich OS Support

MMU supports rich operating systems, such as Linux, leveraging a trusted and robust ecosystem for frictionless, low-cost development.

Acceleration for ML Workloads

Arm Neon technology can be integrated to accelerate deployment of ML workloads and compute-intensive tasks.

Use Cases

Where Innovation and Ideas Come to Life

The Cortex-R82 processor enables complex compute to be performed locally on the storage drive, for the generation of insights and value closer to the data. With OS support in Cortex-R82, the Linux ecosystem can be leveraged to implement computational storage quickly and easily.

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Find out how Cortex-R82 can improve energy efficiency and responsiveness in your complex storage solutions, including SSDs, HDDs and computational storage drives (CSDs).

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