High-Performance Hardware Support for Floating-Point Operations

The Arm architecture provides high-performance and high-efficiency hardware support for floating point operations in half, single, and double-precision arithmetic. The floating point data type is essential for a wide range of digital signal processing (DSP) applications. Many applications inherently benefit from the dynamic range and precision of floating point to deal with large data sets or data sets with unpredictable range.

Features and Benefits

Computational Accuracy

Floating point usage is particularly suitable when computational accuracy is a critical requirement.

Industry Compliant

The Arm Floating Point is fully IEEE-754 compliant with support from a full software library.

Talk with an Expert

With any complex software system it is critical to understand the interworking of different modules and the capabilities of the underlying hardware. If you have any questions about software on Arm-based processors, talk to an Arm expert. 

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