The Ideal Blend of Real-Time Determinism, Efficiency, and Security

The Cortex-M processor series is designed to enable developers to create cost-sensitive and power-constrained solutions for a broad range of devices. Optimized for cost and power-sensitive microcontroller and mixed-signal applications, the Cortex-M33 processor is designed to address embedded and Internet of Things (IoT) markets, especially those that require efficient security or digital signal control. 

Features and Benefits

Build on a Secure Foundation

With TrustZone security on the Cortex-M33 processor, programmers can use a familiar programming model to more easily achieve software isolation, and create the security foundation required for modern IoT devices.

Reduce Design Cost 

The Cortex-M33 includes digital signal processing (DSP), SIMD, and MAC instructions that help reduce design costs and simplify overall system design, software development, and debug.

Decrease Time to Market

The Arm Corstone-201 reference package includes a pre-verified subsystem and system IP that significantly accelerates the development of secure SoCs with the Cortex-M33 processor.

Block Diagram for Cortex-M33


The Cortex-M33 processor is for IoT and embedded applications that require efficient security or digital signal control.

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Key Documentation

Cortex-M33 Technical Reference Manual
Cortex-M33 Processor Datasheet
Cortex-M33 Devices Generic User Guide
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Use Cases

Where Innovation and Ideas Come to Life 

Controllers are widely used in industrial applications. Cortex-M33 comes equipped with essential microcontroller features, including low latency interrupt handling, integrated sleep modes, and debug and trace capabilities, making it the ideal processor for industrial control.

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