System-Wide Security for IoT Devices

TrustZone technology for Arm Cortex-M processors enables robust levels of protection at all cost points for IoT devices. The technology reduces the potential for attack by isolating the critical security firmware, assets and private information from the rest of the application. It provides the perfect starting point for establishing a device root of trust based on Platform Security Architecture (PSA) guidelines.

Features and Benefits
Flexible Foundation

TrustZone provides a foundation for system-wide security and the creation of a trusted platform. Any part of the system can be designed as part of the secure world, including debug, peripherals, interrupts and memory.

Simplified Secure Design

TrustZone allows SoC designers to choose from a range of components that fulfil specific functions within the secure environment. TrustZone is supported by Corstone foundation IP, helping companies develop systems faster.

User-Friendly Design

Developers can create TrustZone systems using familiar languages while maintaining the existing programmer’s model. Also, TrustZone is supported by a comprehensive ecosystem of RTOS, compiler, debug, and trace solutions.

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Products Built with TrustZone Technology 

Cortex-M23 Processor

The smallest and lowest-power microcontroller with TrustZone security.


Cortex-M33 Processor

Optimized for applications that require security or digital signal control.


Cortex-M35P Processor

Combines physical resilience and system safety functions, as well as TrustZone technology.

Corstone Foundation IP

Corstone Foundation IP

IoT solution with a subsystem and system IP to complement the Cortex-M23 Cortex-M33 processor.

Supporting Architecture and Products

TrustZone Resources

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