SoC and CPU System-Wide Approach to Security

Arm TrustZone technology is used on billions of application processors to protect high-value code and data. Arm TrustZone technology offers an efficient, system-wide approach to security with hardware-enforced isolation built into the CPU. It provides the perfect starting point to establish a device root of trust based on PSA guidelines.


This concept of secure (trusted) and non-secure (non-trusted) worlds extends beyond the processor to encompass memory, software, bus transactions, interrupts and peripherals within an SoC.

Features and Benefits 

Flexible Foundation 

TrustZone technology provides a foundation for system-wide security and the creation of a trusted SoC. Any part of the system can be designed as part of the secure world, including debug, peripherals, interrupts and memory.

Range of Security Options

Instead of providing a fixed one-size-fits-all security solution, Arm TrustZone technology provides the foundations that allow the SoC designer to choose from a range of components that can fulfil specific functions within the security environment.

What Is TrustZone Technology?

TrustZone technology within Cortex-A based application processors is commonly used to run trusted boot and trusted OS to create a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). Typical use cases include the protection of authentication mechanisms, cryptography, mobile device management, payment, key material, and digital rights management (DRM).

How Does TrustZone for Cortex-A Work?

At the heart of the TrustZone approach is the concept of secure and non-secure worlds that are hardware separated, with non-secure software blocked from accessing secure resources directly. Within Arm Cortex-A processors, software either resides in the secure world or the non-secure world; a switch between the two is accomplished via software referred to as the secure monitor.

This concept of secure (trusted) and non-secure (non-trusted) worlds extends beyond the processor to encompass memory, software, bus transactions, interrupts, and peripherals within an SoC.

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Trusted Execution Environment

GlobalPlatform is a standard-defining organization that provides software APIs, compliance, and certification schemes for the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) for TrustZone with Cortex-A processors. The Device Committee creates trusted chip technology for ensuring confidentiality and integrity to trusted code and data.

Trusted Firmware 

A reference implementation of low-level secure world software known as Trusted Firmware is available as open source on GitHub and includes trusted boot and secure runtime for switching between the non-secure and secure worlds.

TrustZone for Arm Cortex-M Processors

TrustZone technology for Cortex-M processors enables robust levels of protection at all cost points for small embedded and IoT devices. Explore more about TrustZone for Cortex-M.

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