Accelerate Edge AI Innovation

AI data-processing workloads at the edge are already transforming use cases and user experiences. The third-generation Ethos NPU helps meet the needs of future edge AI use cases.


The Ethos-U85 offers support for transformer-based models at the edge, the foundation for newer language and vision models, scales from 128 to 2048 MAC units, and is 20% more energy efficient than Arm Ethos-U55 and Arm Ethos-U65, enabling higher performance edge AI use cases in a sustainable way. Offering the same toolchain as previous Ethos-U generations, partners can benefit from seamless migration and leverage investments in Arm-based machine learning (ML) tools.

Features and Benefits

Sustainable Innovation

20% more energy efficient than Ethos-U55 and Ethos-U65, enabling future use cases in a sustainable way.

Scalable Performance

Scales from 128 to 2048 MACs, providing up to 4 TOPs of performance at 1 GHz.

Generative AI at the Edge

Native support for transformer networks, along with support for Tensor Operator Set Architecture (TOSA) as a standard.

System Level Solution

Supported by Arm Corstone-320, a reference design with a unified toolchain and the extensive Ethos-U ecosystem.


The Arm Ethos-U85 is the highest performance implementation of the Arm Ethos-U NPU. It enables enhanced edge AI processing with support for transformer-based models and delivers 20% more energy efficiency than previous generations of Ethos. The key characteristics of Ethos-U85 include:


  • Scalable performance – 256 GOP/s up to 4 TOPs at 1 GHz
    • Scales from 128 to 2048 MACs
  • Further reduced energy consumption – 20% lower than previous Ethos-U NPUs
  • Native support for transformer-based networks

Ethos-U85 targets numerous different applications with use in high-performance Arm Cortex-A or low-power embedded devices based on Arm Cortex-M.


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Key Documentation

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Use Cases

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AI and ML are expanding and defining more applications than ever before, changing how we interact with devices and machines everywhere. Arm processor IP is scalable and flexible, so it can run any type of ML workload, today or in the future.

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