Second-Generation, High-Performance
CPU Based on DynamIQ

The Arm Cortex-A family of high-performance processors is designed for devices undertaking complex compute tasks, from edge to cloud, for next-generation experiences. Cortex-A76 brings the always-on ease of mobile to large-screen compute, delivering laptop-class performance with mobile efficiency. It’s a significant step forward for mobile computing, whether on a smartphone or laptop.

Features and Benefits
Superior Energy Efficiency

Greater single-threaded performance and improved energy efficiency allows Cortex-A76 to extend battery life and improve user experience across even the most complex compute tasks, including important productivity apps like Microsoft Office.

Developed for ML/AI

Cortex-A76 enables faster responsiveness and at-the-edge support for new machine learning and artificial intelligence applications and virtual experiences.

Superscalar Processor Core

The superscalar processor core decodes, issues, and executes more instructions than our previous generations. Enhancements also include full out-of-order processing, non-blocking high-throughput L1 caches, and advanced instruction and data prefetching.

Use Cases
Where Innovation and Ideas Come to Life

The car is the most complex electronic device many of us will buy, with more than 100 engine control units soon to become the norm for most vehicles. However, safety is a critical concern. Cortex-A76 supports the highest Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL) standards, using the Cortex-R52 safety island to move us closer to fully autonomous vehicles.

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